Working at brookfield means becoming part of a collaborative, 以结果为导向的团队,拥有并运营实体资产业务长达120年.

Investment team meeting

Invested in people

十博体育网在招聘决策上投入的时间和精力和投资决策一样多, and we take a long-term approach to both. 

十博体育网通过在职学习和角色扮演提供不同业务的发展机会, geographies and teams. 十博体育网对员工的发展采取“从内部发展”的方法, with a focus on internal mobility across business groups, functions and regions, and within our portfolio companies.

We favor individuals who are collaborative, entrepreneurial and disciplined, 因为这些特质反映了十博体育网的投资方式以及十博体育网领导人的特点.

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our values


Our culture is built on mutual respect, teamwork and passion. 高层领导与各级同事并肩工作, and a commitment to shared success is a key attribute.


We promote a results-oriented culture. 责任是基于主动性和努力工作而不是职位, and decisions are made close to the action.


Team members share an awareness of, and commitment to, 十博体育网的目标是为股东和投资者创造卓越的长期回报.

our people

aman Lam, Vice President, real estate divya Biyana, Director, renewable power josh Feyissa, Senior Associate, Credit Strategies natalie Hadad, Senior Vice President, infrastructure
Women’s Network gathering

Women at brookfield

在布鲁克菲尔德,十博体育网已经采取了一些措施来吸引和留住有才华的女性, 十博体育网的全球妇女咨询委员会积极建议管理层如何使十博体育网的公司更欢迎女性. 

The brookfield Women’s Network is dedicated to attracting, 在公司的商业团体中发展和激励一个女性社区. The group seeks to engage, inspire and support female employees, at all levels, through career growth and leadership development programs.

In a small group meeting, team members share coffee and ideas

brookfield Next Generation (BNext)

BNEXT将处于职业生涯早期阶段的员工聚集在一起,他们希望相互交流和学习. 由布鲁克菲尔德所有部门和职能部门的年轻员工组成, 该组织通过非正式网络提供职业发展计划和支持.